"The QME Top 10 - Part 1"

The QME Top 10 - Part 1

In this 6 Hour QME Continuing Education Home Study Program, we explore many of the most pressing issues, concerns, and confusions of today's Qualified Medical Evaluator.  From Physical Examination procedures, to the Apportionment determination, to Report Writing Excellence, to the fine line distinction between subjective and objective findings, this course will give you new insight to the procedures that you've done 100 times before and, you'll NEVER do it that same way again.  This Program continues on Part 2 - which is also 6 hours.  Can be taken together or separately.  

 Topics of Part 1 include:

  • Video #1 Pinch & Grip Strength Testing
  • Video #2 Examination Instruments
  • Video #3 Apportionment
  • Video #4 Topic Headline Formatting
  • Video #5 Actual Topic Headlines
  • Video #5 Subjective vs. Objective

Support Materials for this Program Include:

  • Document: California Labor Code 4060 & 5402
  • Document: Causation in a Denied Claim
  • Document: Topic Headline Formatting
  • Escobedo vs. Marshal
  • Guzman vs. Milpitas Unified School District
  • Cannon vs. City of Sacramento


For Chiropractors, this Course qualifies for Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) credits for 6 hours of Category "B" credits for "General Topics."

"The QME Top 10 - Part 1"
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