The authors of the AMA Guides are serious that we focus on "objective" physical examination fidings, and that we give "subjective" findings limited consideration.  And, they advise us to "keep an open mind to these phenomena (factitious illness & malingering) which are probably less likely in those seeking treatment than in those seeking compensation (page 586)."


This is a COMPLETE COURSE on deception, symptom magnification, and malingering.  Prepare yourself for some frank discussion on topics that most authors shy away and shirk from.  Not here!  If it's true that as many as 50% (yes - 1 in 2) of your examinees may be telling a twisted version of the truth, isn't it about time that you stopped being played as a patsy and became a BLACK BELT in recognizing the circumstances and signs of symptom magnification and malingering? 

Topics of this controversial program include:

  • AMA Guides Philosophy of Malingering - WOW!  The authors tell us to alway consider "malingering" as one of our differential diagnoses!  Who would have thought?
  • Malingering: Definitions & Criteria - Of the external incentives that motivate an examinee to tell half truths, and to withhold whole truths, which "incentive" are already present in the typical Qualified Medical Evaluation?
  • The Quantification of Pain: Is it possible to determine HOW BAD an examinee's pain actually is?  OF COURSE IT IS!!
  • Pain Behaviors & Activities of Daily Living: Why is it that, despite an examinee's descriptions of "9/10" pain, none of their pain interferes with what they want to do??  Do you find that curious?
  • The Waddell's Signs: A new twist on a historic concept.

And much more that will first open, and then BLOW your mind.  Like a squirrel digging for a buried nut, examinees seeking compensation behave in repeatable and predictable ways.  Now, you will never fall for cock-a-mamy stories again!


For Chiropractors, this Course qualifies for Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) credits for 6 hours of Category "A" credits for "History Taking & Physical Examination."

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